The founder of Fashion and Music, Jan de Bloois, initiated in  2011  the model agency

He is a passionate fashion photographer and a lover of (live) music.

APmodels is beyond an agency: a network for models where we manage a close group of talented models who works for talented designers.

Since Jan is always creating new ideas, around 2014 he started with the preparations for Fashion and Music. He registered the idea and the label and contracted designers and artists for the first event in Rotterdam, 7 mar 2015 at Grounds.

We worked with 20 models, 21 artists, 6 designers and a hard working crew (Serge Julien-Music, Zenna Hart-Designers and models, Thijs tromp-Photography, Gregory Wolff-Artistmanager)


The vision is to combine new talents in the scene of fashion and music. Designers and artists just finishing their study or busy for a few years. Talent from all over the country and in future we will organise it international.

The fashion shows will not be just catwalks but a mix with talents in the music scene. A complete experience in party atmosphere. Welcome to the world of us, Fashion and Music.